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Reclaim time for the things that matter

The scales have tipped too far between our online and offline worlds

Take small, simple and enjoyable steps to reclaim time and focus


equell mode

Stay focused longer on a task or on the world around you


Active listening

Retrain yourself to listen & embrace the healthy side of being online 



Replace online with offline. equell makes it easy to find something else to do



Virtual and real world rewards for every little step in the right direction

Switch off, focus or just be present.
equell mode helps put the digital buzz to one side for a while,
 while rewarding you for doing so


Embrace the healthy part of your online routine: music, podcasts, audio books, and more. Actively listen while in equell mode and free up your eyes to engage with the world at large


So much of life isn't online. Our suggestions make it easy to engage with the real world, even if you still end up posting it on instagram


equell will reinforce every positive step with virtual awards. Use your points to engage with or give back to the physical world through our extensive list of reward partners


Balance is unique to everyone. equell provides insight into recommended offline levels each day, when and how to set them, and positive affirmation around those choices

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